` EPD - netlist, PCB and schematic conversion services for accel cadstar mentor mccad orcad pads pcad protel tango veribest viewlogic visula.

Electronic Product Development

We can convert almost any netlist, schematic or PCB database.

    Altium Altium Designer, PCAD MD, PCAD 2000 Series    
    Cadence Allegro    
    Mentor Boardstation and Expedition    
    Orcad Draft, SDT, PCB II, Capture and Layout    
    PADS Logic, PCB, Perform, Powerlogic and PowerPCB    
    Protel SE99 and DXP    
    Tango PCB and Schematic    
    Viewlogic Viewdraw    
    Zuken-Redac Cadstar and Visula    

Netlists $25 each
Schematics $40 per sheet, $200 minimum job size
PCBs are quoted by size; $400 minimum, $800 max

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